MacBook Wallstreet    Item number: mbw-14    Price: $150

Includes computer only. Runs well. Battery is dead.

The PowerBook G3/233 (Wallstreet) -- formally a member of the "PowerBook G3 Series" as dubbed by Apple, but more commonly referred to by its codename of "Wallstreet" -- features a 233 MHz PowerPC 740 (G3) processor (no backside cache), 32 MB of RAM, 2 MB or 4 MB of SGRAM for video, a 2.0 GB hard drive, and a 20X tray-loading CD-ROM drive in a curvaceous black portable case with either a 12.1" STN (passive matrix), 14.1" TFT color display. The Wallstreet "PowerBook G3 Series" has 2D/3D graphics acceleration, "zoomed video" support, dual "hot-swappable" bays which both can hold batteries or expansion modules (the left is a 3.5" bay and the right a 5.25" bay), dual Card Bus compatible PC card slots, and a new "fn" key which creates a numerical keyboard for quicker data entry. The 14.1-inch models have S-video out as well.